Techtopia @ Harvard University

Techtopia is a multidisciplinary research and teaching initiative that brings together Harvard students and faculty around the biggest issues in tech today.

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Student Program

The Techtopia student cohort is at the heart of this initiative. Emerging digital technologies are changing the landscape into which Harvard students will graduate. The multifaceted ethical, legal, political, and social challenges arising from the proliferation of these technologies necessitate leaders who champion a more ethical and holistic approach to problem-solving.

Techtopia is a space for undergraduate and graduate students interested in the ethics and governance of emerging digital technologies to build community across disciplines, to engage with faculty working on the cutting edge of these issues, and to integrate skills and knowledge from different fields to tackle complex problems as part of a diverse team.

Building Community

Emerging digital technologies are uncovering previously invisible patterns embedded in society - some are positive, but many are destructive and discriminatory. How do we build, deploy, and regulate inclusive and accessible systems that promote rather than inhibit social values?

This question is too big to be answered by computer scientists – or policymakers – alone. That is why we are cultivating a vibrant community of faculty, fellows, and staff from around the University, encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration, facilitating robust dialogue, and illuminating the work being done across disciplines. We believe that we can generate better solutions together.

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